5 Best Inspirational Hollywood Movies

5 Best Inspirational Hollywood Movies : Hello my dear friends, today I brought the 5 best inspirational movies from Hollywood which will inspire you, motivate you to become successful in your life and help you to reach your goal. These are all movies that I am showing in this article and are also dubbed in the Hindi language. You can download and watch it from the internet for absolutely free, so let’s begin this article with our first movie name.

The Shawshank Redemption.

This movie is the world’s best Hollywood movie and got maximum rating on IMDb, this movie has won many international prizes, the writer of this movie is frank Darabont and Stephen king. This movie is about a very brilliant prisoner who escaped from jail with the help of a small hammer. The movie is exciting, maybe this movie will make you cry. After watching this movie you will learn very important lessons about life that never lose hope, and always remember that hope is the most beautiful thing in life.

The pursuit of happiness.

One of the best inspirational movie in Hollywood ever, in this movie will smith played the character of a failed businessman who lost all his saving on a business, they bought so many machines which helps in medical checkups but unfortunately they are not able to sell that product and they lose everything, his house, his wife, but he didn’t lose hope, he had also a child with him he struggled and become very successful in life, this movie is based on a true story, this movie will teach you one very big lessons in your life that never give up.

The karate kids.

This is my favorite movie, I see this movie when I was a child, and I love martial art at that time, but this movie inspired me today also, the movie is about a story of an American child who doesn’t have a father, her mother is doing job in America and managing her family but due to some reason her job transferred from America to China, then she migrates it from America and shifted to China, but in China, this child messed with wrong and bad Chinese’s child who are kung fu experts they beat them very badly, but after some time this child met with a kungfu master and work very hard to learn a martial art and then he beat those children in tournament fight and become champion of the tournament. This movie will teach you how to revenge people with your success.

The Godfather.

One of the best movies for attitude grow up, this movie come under 5 best Hollywood movies all-time list, the movie is about a dog, and very successful and powerful business, with him loys of biggest people ask him, this movie should be watched by every those person who wants to become powerful and wants to ordered and ruled on other people, this movie also dubbed in so many languages including Hindi, English and so on the movie is available on the internet free to watch and download, this movie is a little serious movie, so only deep thinking person and a conscious person can understand and watch complete movie. This movie will teach you the power of attitude.

Forrest Gump.

One of the legendary movies in the Hollywood industry, one thing which I learned from this movie is to believe in karma and work rather than thinking about results, this movie is one of the best inspirational and best movies in Hollywood, the movie is a story about a disabled child who is disabled from his leg, and also he is not smart as a normal child are. Even though he is not able to walk properly, with his belief and miracles he becomes a significantly faster runner, he achieved so many things even though he was disabled in childhood, then he became a very successful person and rich businessman in that country.


My friend these are the 5 best Hollywood movies that I loved. If you want to add some movies then please suggest that movie to list on our website, we will love to do this, and if you like our article then please share it with your friends and family. and to get more movie like this visit our website regularly.

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