Cobra Movie Review Released In Tamil

Cobra Movie Review Released In Tamil: South superstar Vikram sir a much anticipated Tamil film has been released in theatre. Unfortunately, this movie Hindi dubbed is not released. I had seen this movie in Tamil with subtitles. Today in this article we will give a review of Vikram sir’s movie cobra. 

I was very excited about this movie because in the south industry I had seen Vikram sir always make unique and different types of scripts. His script selection is completely different from all south superstar actors. Like aparichit and I movies which both are masterpieces in the south in Indian cinema. 

And this movie is technically different and unique from all other movies because in cobra’s movie Vikram sir played different types of characters and in some characters, you will not be able to identify him. Vikram sir played more than six types of characters in this movie, which is the second most character movie in which an actor played different types of characters after the Dasavatharam movie. 

This movie is a story about a mathematical genius whose name is Maithi, but his code name is Cobra. In starting two murders have been shown and everyone knows behind this murder, Cobra is a suspect, who did these murders. But who is cobra? Nobody knows that.

Now Irfan Pathan’s character is Aslam, who played the role of interpole officer. Whose mission is to catch cobra. Apart from being a mathematician genius cobra is also an assassinator, and as nobody knows the real identity of the cobra so Aslam is behind the cobra to catch him, this is the main plot of this movie, now it is interesting to see whether Aslam is able to catch or not cobra which you will able to see in this movie.  

This movie is a little longer than the casual movie, this movie’s length is 3 hour and 3 minutes which feel a little stretchable. In the first part of this movie, the story is set up and in the interval, a very interesting twist happens, which you can predict in this movie. 

The climax of this movie is very good in this movie and the rest of the parts of this movie look like a normal crime thriller movie, in which new things you will so many different avatars of a cobra. Starting this movie very much engages you but the continuity and flow of dram are not in this movie. In some parts, the movie feels fast pace, and in some parts like slow pase. 

But Vikram sir removed all negative parts in this movie by his acting. In Vikram sir played a different – different character which is very interesting to watch. Although all the character is for very few minutes. 

During the interrogation scene, you can rewind the scene of the aparachit movie scene. During the entire movie, a flashback is also running which gives a twist to the interval. Overall this movie is a psychological thriller movie that also focuses on depression issues and halogenation.

Some of the scenes fell over the hip and over the top, and in so many scenes you can be confused. And in some scenes, what does the movie wants to tell us? If we skip Vikram sir’s acting this movie is not enough extraordinary movie.

And in starting there is a bad scene, in which some bikini girl scene you will see, and one kiss scene are in this movie. So it depends upon you, and there is no abuse scene are in this movie. whether you should watch this movie with your family or not, totally depends upon you. 

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