Into the wild movie story review

Sometimes so many people want to feel adventure in their life and for that, they want to travel across different parts of the world, but unfortunately, all of us are busy making our careers, earning money, and achieving success and pride, rather than enjoying our life, traveling to different parts of the world connected with nature.

That is why today i bring a movie in which a person who left everything his house, his car, his family and went to see this world freely and get connect with nature and his UV beauty, and that movie’s name is Into The Wild, this movie is based on a true story so let’s start the review of this amazing truthful Movie story.

Into the wild movie story

Into the wild is the story of Christopher McCandless, who was a son of the wealthiest parents, but he was not happy with their lifestyle.

He was tired of his life, his family always did show off their wealth in front of others. But Christopher’s ambition was different from their parent’s.

At the age of only 19, Christopher left his house, burned and destroyed all his passports and government documents and his college degree, and his money.

And left his house forever, he wanted to take an adventure into Alaska and walk miles through nature without having any money and financial support with him.

During his journey he was homeless, he don’t have money, even he don’t have enough food to eat, he traveled miles by footstep and explore nature, forests.

The theme of Into the wild movie

Into the wild movie shows the adventure journey of a young boy whose deep love for nature. This movie is an adventurous movie, where you can see a boy’s journey to see this beautiful world with no money, no home, no family, and no support.

Into the wild movie fact

Into the wild movie is a true story, his movie was inspired by a book written by Jon Krakauer of the story of Christopher McCandless. This movie is based on a novel.

This movie is available in so many languages including English, Hindi, and so on. You can watch this movie on this site, just click on the link below.

Watch Into the Wild | Prime Video –

Review of into the wild movie

I always wish to travel to different parts of the world, and I always want to see how it will feel to travel the world with no money, and just want to see this world, see different people, cultures and nature and all these things i can’t do in reality.

But through this movie, I feel the beauty of nature. I really love this movie. This movie should be watched by everyone to explore nature and the feeling of freedom.

I will give this movie an 8 out of 10 rank. This is my personal view and love for this movie, this is not any public review. This is one of the best movies that I have ever watched.

Why should you watch this movie?

After watching this movie, you will explore yourself. Everyone is busy achieving and wanting to be successful in their life, but apart from that time you should go into a spiritual and peaceful mind, and after watching this movie you will see life from a different perspective.


Into the wild is one of the most famous Hollywood movies, you should watch this movie alone, then only you will feel and explore a different sight of the world. If you also know this type of serious movie, then please recommend us their name, and if you like our movie suggestion then please share this article with your friend.

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