Top 5 Best Hollywood Web Series of All Time

Hello my dear movies and webseries lover, as we are fans of movies, and i am sure that all of you have already watched all good Hollywood movies, so that’s why today I bring Top 10 Best Hollywood WebSeries for all of you my Indian friends. These webseries have so many seasons, so be careful to start, because once you start you will not stop yourself until you finish. All of these webseries are for 18+ users so watch these webseries only when you are over 18+, so let’s begin this article with our first hollywood web series.

Games of Thrones 

Top 5 Best Hollywood Web Series of All Time

To be honest I personally loved this web series because of its adult scene, if you are looking for some web series with lots of adult scenes you can see, then games of thrones is one of them. Game of thrones is a story about rules and battle between powerful king and queen. This web series has a total of 8 seasons which is the largest season of any this web series only when you are over 18+ because there are so many sensitive scenes in games of thrones. You can watch this season in hindi language on hotstar.


Top 5 Best Hollywood Web Series of All Time

Spartacus is another web series in which there are lots of adult scenes and sensitive scenes in this web series. For your information i want to tell you that spartacus is the most adult hollywood web series in hindi and english language. If you are looking for things which you want to see alone then this is the best web series for you. Spartacus has a total of three seasons. You can watch Spartacus on amazon prime. Spartacus will show you a very dark side of the old world and stimulate your adrenaline hormone. This is the best adult web series which i have ever watched. 

Cobra Kai

Top 5 Best Hollywood Web Series of All Time

Cobra Kai is the story of a fight between two martial art styles, this web series is an extended story of the karate kids first movie, this web series has a total of four series. Cobra Kai is the best web series for children and teenagers. In Cobra Kai there is love, fight, action, comedy and things you will be able to see. Cobra Kai is a very good web series for those people who want to become powerful and strong in your life. Cobra kai is available in the English language. And you can watch all four seasons on netflix and youtube.

The Punisher

Top 5 Best Hollywood Web Series of All Time

Punisher is the marvel web series. And to be honest if marvel is producing any things either movies or web series those are all goods. Punisher is the story of a fighter whose wife are killed by his enemy. Then he takes revenge from all of them. He is a professionally trained warrior man, who is the best fighter. This web series is all about fighting and action. You will definitely be inspired and motivated after watching this web series because this web series will teach you to never give up in a fight or hard physical work. You can watch this web series on netflix.

Squid Game

Top 5 Best Hollywood Web Series of All Time

Squid Game is one of the best thrillers and scary web series ever in hollywood. The Squid Game is created in a very good way. I am sure that if you will start watching first episode you will not stop untill end. Squid game is a story of a game in which more than hundreds of players play this game, and those who lost this game die, and only one person wins this game and he will be the only person who will survive. This web series has two parts in which the first part is already released. Squid game is available in hindi language you can watch this web series on netflix.


All of these 5 web series which i listed on this article are 18+ users, so children please avoid these webseries. Out of these 5 web series my favorite is squid game, which i have seen more than one time and then the punisher is also very good. We will very soon bring the second part of this article so if you also know some best web series then please mention their name. 

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