Top 5 Movies To Watch If You’re An Entrepreneur

Hello my lovely friends, I hope all of you are good and filled with energy. Today this article is very special for those who are entrepreneurs. Which are true based and live example stories. From these top 5 best entrepreneur movies, every entrepreneur will learn so much value from their life. And you will be able to create a wonderful business one day. From these movies you will learn how to execute your ideas to make it happen, and how to keep patience and one day earn lots of money. So let’s begin this list with our first movie list.

The Founder

The founder’s movie is a story about the world’s second largest fast food company. This company was started in 1940 by brothers Maurice and Richard. But later on Ray Krock joined this company and took this company from brothers Maurice and Richard, and made this biggest and second largest fast food company. The movie is very inspirational, you will learn how you can create a fast food business and spread it to the whole world. This movie is available on amazon prime and apple tv.


Jobs is the story of one of the most influential and revolutionary men in the computer industry who founded the Apple company and completely changed the technology industry. This movie is about creating the world’s best technology company. There was a time when Steve Jobs was suffering from very harsh conditions with a lack of house and lack of food. From there he created a billion dollar company story, you will watch this movie that is about jobs. Jobs’ movie is a true based story and inspiration for many of one. You can watch this movie on amazon prime.

The Social Network

The Social Network is the story of creating the world largest social media platform which is facebook. The story begins with the college life of Mark Zuckerberg when he was in Harvard university. Mark and his colleagues create a website which is with their friends and how they create a billion dollar company, all of these things you will watch in this movie. This movie is based on Mark Zuckerberg and how facebook was built. You can watch this movie on Netflix, YouTube, Google Play Movies & TV, Amazon Prime Video and on Apple TV.

The Wolf Of Wall Street

The Wolf Of Wall Street is a true story based movie. This movie is inspired by Jordan Ross Belfort who created millions of dollar rupees from the stock market through his presence of mind and sell technique. In this movie he creates a stock market agency of a trading place, where he and his co-workers make millions of dollars every day. The lead role in this movie is Leonardo dicaprio who is the most talented actor in hollywood. You can watch this movie on mx player, amazon prime, youtube, google play, netflix and apple tv.

Super Pumped

And our last and fifth movie name is super pumped, super pumped is the story of the world most successful and biggest online taxi driver company in the world. This movie is a story about a man who doesn’t have enough money to create a company but how with the help of his visionary and belief system he takes money from investors and creates the world’s largest and biggest online taxi driver company. The uber founder doesn’t have his own car and driver, they always use uber taxis and this mindset shows how uber is serious about their clients. You can watch this movie on voot and amazon prime.


All of these 5 movies are based on true stories. And all of these movies are available in English language, some of them are also in Hindi. Out of these 5 movies my favorite story is the founder movie story. If you also have some names which can be put on this list then please mention that movie name in the comment box. And if you like this movie then please share it with your friends. 

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