Yashoda Telugu Movie Trailer Review 2022

Yashoda Telugu Movie Trailer Review 2022: Finally Samantha starrer telugu movie Yashoda movie final trailer was released on youtube on 28 October 2022. Sridevi’s production movie, Yasodha movie trailer is loved by the whole public, after watching the trailer this movie is compared to hollywood movies.

Today in this article we will know everything about this movie like budget’s of Yasodha movie, how much star cast taken fee for this movie, release date of Yashoda, and ott released date of samantha movie, and at last we will talk about story and theme of Yasodha movie.

Yashoda Movie Budgets

From the source of the internet this movie was made on a much smaller budget. This movie was made for about 50 – 60 crore indian rupees. But seeing its action and very wonderful cinematography, the movie team members did a very great job with this budget.

Cinematography of Yashoda Movie

So many movies were made under very big budgets and done very decent work in movies. Like recently happened in Ramsetu Movie, they did very bad low quality vfx work.

Yashoda Telugu Movie Trailer Review 2022
Yashoda Telugu Movie Trailer Review 2022

In the Yasodha movie all the scenes and video editing are mind-blowing and brilliant. After watching the trailer of the Samantha movie, you will feel that you are watching a Hollywood movie.

Yashoda Movie Samantha Fee

Samanth is a very famous telugu actress, and she is a very famous south indian actress. She is one of the highest paid actresses in south telugu industry. From the internet, Samantha had taken charges of 3-5 crores in indian rupees.

Samantha Movie Release Date

When the first teacher was released, the production said that this movie will be released on 05 october 2022. But after the final trailer and due to screening demand this movie was postponed and finally the movie will release on 11 october 2022 in your neighbor cinema hall.

Yashoda Movie Language

This movie is a south indian movie, so it will release in almost all south languages, like telugu, malayalam, tamil, kannad, and of course also in hindi, because it will also get so much view from hindi audience also.

OTT Release Date of Yashoda Movie

Generally all movies released minimum after one month, but the superhit movie ott released after 2 month, so this movie may be released within one month, and may be released on amazon prime and netflix probably. 

Leaked of Yashoda Movie

Yashoda (Hindi) Trailer | Samantha, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar | Manisharma | Hari – Harish

No matter how big movie any one is, that movie leaked on the first day of released, so there is also 100% chances that Yashoda movie will also leaded on movie piracy website, like worldfree4u, movieverse, movieflix, 123mkvmovie, extra movies, and tamil rockers. This movie will also leak probably on torrent sites.

Star Cast of Yashoda Movie

Story and Theme of Yashoda Movie

This movie is based on a very new and modern topic that is surrogacy, in which Samantha is a poor girl, she needs money, then she is offered by a team of doctors to birth a baby and become a surrogate mother. 

Yashoda Telugu Movie Trailer Review 2022
Yashoda Telugu Movie Trailer Review 2022

She agreed on that and then she shifted to an unknown place, and there she found something bad going on in this system. Then she tries to  reveal the dark side of this big money making business in which so many rich people from politicians to glamor worlds are involved in this.

Samanth is doing action and fantastic acting of a mother, where she is pregnant and with a baby in her body, doing fighting, action runner and trying to survive with bad and powerful rich people.

About Yashoda Movie Team

  • Music – Mani Sharma.
  • Starter – Samantha
  • Production – Sridevi Production
  • Director – Hari–Harish
  • Writer – Hari-Harish
  • Cinematography – M. Sukumar

My Rating To This Movie

Out of 10 I will give 10 out of 10 to this movie, because of its extraordinary work with very low budgets, and other things is this film comes with a new and unique story which is rarely seen in bollywood movies from recent years.

Yasodha is Educational Movie

Surrogacy is a very good technique for millions of parents and mothers that they can’t birth a baby or don’t want to birth a baby but they want a baby. This is a pure educational purpose movie, there is no any adult kissing seen in this movie. So you can watch this movie with your friends and family comfortably in the cinema hall and also on ott platforms.

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